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<Healing Whistle Player : Ashitatsu>


I am a Japanese musician.

I compose the New Age Music songs.(a genre of healing music)


Healing whistle means the healing music played by whistle.


I play tin whistle & low whistle & synthesizer(keyboard).

In addition to New Age, I play various genre of music too.Such as Classical music, Popsongs, Film music, Ghibli songs etc. 

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The theme of my original songs is mainly the history and nature of Kinki(Kansai) & Hokuriku region in Japan.


I express the heart of Japan and the image of the ancient Japan through music.

My lifework is to create fantastic healing music.


I hope that the sounds of the Healing Whistle will make relaxation and peace.  


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Original album

”JOMON no UMI~The Fantasy of the MIKATA FIVE LAKES~”

<Now on sale>Published in 2020



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